Clean-up the CPU and IHS

Cleaning the CPU Die:

Now that your CPU has been delidded, the old Thermal Interface Material and glue need to be cleaned from the CPU and IHS.

The Rockit 88 is a very convenient holder for the CPU while cleaning and applying TIM.


Clean the old Thermal Interface Material off the CPU and the underside of the IHS using a paper towel with alcohol. At all stages of the delid process, it is important to keep this silicon CPU die as clean as possible, leaving it free of grease, oils from your fingers and any dust until TIM is applied.

Cleaning the Old Glue:

Remove the glue from the CPU with your fingernail, but be gentle. Rub the lines of glue
gently until eventually it balls up and comes off.

A credit card or similar has been known to be effective in scraping the glue off as well. It doesn't work as well for me as using my fingers. YMMV....

Patience is key!


The IHS can be cleaned in a similar manner. Use your fingernail and finger to rub the glue until it comes off. Once there is very little glue remaining, use a paper towel. It almost acts like sandpaper for the glue but doesn't harm the CPU. You're looking for a clean surface but don't worry about the stain left by the glue. It's almost impossible to remove. I found that alcohol or solvents don't help much in this process.

The included cuticle stick is handy for cleaning the glue out of the corners of the IHS.

If you're using the Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra, there is a gray scotchbrite pad included. It helps remove all traces of the glue and stain from the IHS.

After all glue and TIM are cleaned off the CPU and IHS, use a paper towel or cotton swab wet with alcohol to clean any remaining oils and grease off the CPU, and the underside of
the IHS. Having surfaces free of grease is important when gluing the IHS back on, so make sure fingerprints are kept to a minimum.

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