Preparing to Re-Lid

Now your CPU is clean and ready to be relidded. Be sure you have your glue and TIM standing by!

Grab your tape. I like to cover the edges of the CPU with the tape, leaving the CPU die exposed.

Use the wooden cuticle stick supplied with the Rockit 88 kit to press the tape up to the edge of the CPU die.

Thermal Interface Material

Prepare your TIM for application. For this build, we are using the coveted Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra. Note: Because this material is electrically conductive, it is important to insulate any electronic parts exposed under the IHS of your CPU.

Clean the CPU die again in preparation for applying the TIM. I can't stress this enough. I use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol with cotton buds or q-tips.

You should be left with an extremely clean CPU die surface with no loose strands or other foreign particles.

Apply a very small amount to the CPU die. The needle like applicator using the Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra comes into it's own here.

Notice how little is needed.

Now use the included brushes to spread to a thin and smooth coating.

Once you're done and happy with the coating, begin removing the tape.

Take your time.

The preparation and precautions you've taken all help to produce a quality result.

Notice the Arrows are lined up on the CPU and Delid Tool. Now you are ready to Re-Lid!

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