Re-Lid your CPU

Place the Re-Lid alignment tool on the Rockit 88 CPU tray, and ready the IHS to be lowered into place.

Any easy way to line up the Re-Lid alignment tool is by aligning the thumb screw hole at the top of the Re-Lid alignment tool to the screw hole on the top of the De-Lid base.

Align the IHS so that the mark we made earlier matches with the CPU arrow. Set one edge of the IHS on the CPU, against the Re-Lid Alignment Tool.

Lower the opposite side of the IHS into place.

Take your superglue, and apply a small drop on each corner of the IHS where it contacts the CPU. Note the location of the glue and that it was applied once the IHS was re-seated.

I have better luck when I place the glue in this area. It helps for the next time you want to delid. The glue seems to release better in this position.

Once you have the glue drops on each corner. Time to clamp it with the Spyder.

Use the 3 thumb screws from the delid tool. Place the spider on the relid guide and line up the screw holes. The spider has one leg that is a touch longer than the other two. This makes it easy to line up.

Drop the screws into the holes and tighten until they contact the Spyder. Again, they don't need to be tight, just snug.

Install the plastic bolt and gently tighten to hold the IHS in place while the glue cures.

Leave the clamp on the CPU for an hour or two just to make sure the glue has cured. I cheat and use a toothpick to check if the glue has hardened up.

Remove the Spyder by backing the big bolt out to release the pressure then unscrewing the three thumb screws.

Your CPU is now ready to be installed back onto the motherboard. Enjoy!