Copper UPGRADE Kit for Intel 3rd & 4th Gen CPU's

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Copper UPGRADE Kit for Intel 3rd & 4th Gen CPU's

We combined our ROCKIT de-lid and re-lid tool with our Copper IHS to create the Copper UPGRADE Kit. De-lid your CPU and re-lid with our precision 100% Oxygen free CNC machined Copper IHS.

  • ROCKIT de-lid and re-lid tool.
  • 100% pure Oxygen free Copper IHS.
  • Includes Copper and stock IHS re-lid guides.
  • CNC machined to tight tolerances.
  • Surface area increased by 15% over stock.
  • All bolts and wrenches needed.
  • Smooth flat surface for maximum contact with CPU and cooling solutions.
  • Liquid Metal Application guide TEMPLATE.

Note: This Copper IHS only fits Intel LGA 1150 & 1155.

step-by-step instructions on how to de-lid and re-lid your intel cpu

Detailed steps on how to prepare, De-Lid and Re-Lid your Intel™ CPU are outlined below. You can also go straight to a couple of great YouTube™ tutorials. The first courtesy of Tewan demonstrates the end-to-end process using the Rockit 88. The second by fraknu shows how it's done in detail with the Rockit 99.