CPU Prep and Cleaning Kit

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Cleaning kit to deep clean your CPU or Copper IHS

  • Cleaner for all types of TIM.
  • Scrubbing pads to clean away crusty old TIM.
  • Microfiber TIM applicators make it so easy to apply new TIM.
  • FLITZ metal polish to give it that finishing touch.

Prepare your CPU for the best temp drop possible. Restore your Copper IHS to like new. Enough to do many CPU's and IHS. We highly recommend using acetone to supplement our cleaning kit. Pure Acetone is widely available in many stores.

step-by-step instructions on how to de-lid and re-lid your intel cpu

Detailed steps on how to prepare, De-Lid and Re-Lid your Intel™ CPU are outlined below. You can also go straight to a couple of great YouTube™ tutorials. The first courtesy of Tewan demonstrates the end-to-end process using the Rockit 88. The second by fraknu shows how it's done in detail with the Rockit 99.